A brief explanation of Team on the Run written by Emma Vandore for Business France

“Team on the Run” App: Mobile Messaging For Business

When it comes to mobile messaging, there are many options for consumers – from WhatsApp to Telegram and more. But when it comes to messaging applications for business needs, there are surprisingly few options.

StreamWIDE, a leader in value-added telephony services, designed TOTR to meet the internal communication needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes – driving an ethos to ‘Put Your Smartphone to Work.’ The App is mobile-centric, perfect for employees who are rarely behind a desk, such as estate agents or hospitality industry workers.

TOTR mobile devicesWhile other business apps are exclusively designed for executives, TOTR has been designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of employees. It can be used by workers who don’t have a desktop or use email, but who do have a smartphone, such as cleaning staff or construction workers.

Unlike Consumer Apps, which are user-managed, TOTR is centrally controlled by a designated team administrator through an online web administrative portal. From here, the account can be customized with contacts, contact groups, features and restriction rules for the organization. It also enables image, video, audio and location sharing with PDF, walkie-talkie and other features.

Team members download the TOTR App directly from Google Play or the App Store onto their smartphone. Once installed, it pushes whatever the team administrator has designated, such as the organization’s contacts and groups.

StreamWIDE’s SmartMS technology is secure for business, offering data encryption or the possibility for the administrator to de-activate an account.

TOTR is available for download through the specialized e-commerce website http://www.teamontherun.com. It is now available hosted in a public Cloud (IAAS) as well privately, with new functionality such as voice over IP and push to talk.

Special thanks to Emma Vandore for writing this piece and to Business France for featuring Team on the Run and our parent company StreamWIDE in their innovation and talent promotion catalog during The GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015.

The Team on the Run Team


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