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The best existing Walkie-Talkie is not a Walkie-Talkie at all!

Quick and effective communication is critical to the success of any¬†organization.¬†Successful managers understand this and put measures in place to facilitate clear communication between team members. Walkie-Talkies are an extremely popular and cost-effective communication method on constructions sites, during the planning of an event, in private security, military operations, etc. where they come in very […]
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PRESS RELEASE – Team on the Run launches NFC Tag technology allowing easy automation of processes for everyone from their smartphone device

PARIS, FR – Team on the Run (TOTR), the most advanced mobile communication solution for business on the market, announced today an NFC Tag feature that will revolutionize the checking-in process in businesses across sectors. With powerful resource-saving use-cases in big office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc. the cutting-edge Team on the Run Near Field Communication […]
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