PRESS RELEASE – Team on the Run launches NFC Tag technology allowing easy automation of processes for everyone from their smartphone device

PARIS, FR – Team on the Run (TOTR), the most advanced mobile communication solution for business on the market, announced today an NFC Tag feature that will revolutionize the checking-in process in businesses across sectors.

With powerful resource-saving use-cases in big office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc. the cutting-edge Team on the Run Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology – which works on all Android Smartphone devices with NFC readers and can be found by subscribing for the service at or messaging a sales agent at – is a triple threat: quick, simple and efficient.

NFC tag banner

When in short range of a small and inexpensive NFC reader – that can be discretely placed anywhere – the smartphone is prompted to send a signal to the main database with a location and time stamp in order to alert of the arrival of a worker to a specific location such as an office building or construction site; or the end of an activity, such as the clean-up of a hotel room so that the front desk knows it can be reassigned to a new guest immediately.

The Team on the Run NFC Tag technology is already a huge hit among large hotel chains that have chosen to replace their outdated room turn-around methods; typically maids calling from rooms post clean-up or room-by-room on-foot supervision and manual update of changes in central database. With this modern technology, a sticker NFC reader roughly the size of a dime is placed on the door to every hotel room and on the way out, the maid waives the smartphone device over the reader, prompting a signal to be sent to the hotel’s automated central management system, immediately updating this particular room’s status from occupied to vacant. This process is saving hotels a lot of time and allowing daily operations to run a lot smoother, especially since Team on the Run includes a full-range of additional business-minded communication features as well, such as message broadcasting by group or department, virtual walkie-talkie, secure file exchange and much more.

Team on the Run is the next generation all-in-one mobile business communication tool. Developed and backed by established VAS provider StreamWIDE, this effective collaboration software brings businesses into the mobile-age easily and efficiently, managers and employees across-industries resources and raising the organization’s bottom line. Learn more at or

Press contact: Andrea Gould, TOTR Communications Manager,

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