Infographic: 2015 Hospitality Industry Challenges and how to solve them with Team on the Run technology

Millennials have the world’s information at their fingertips instantly, they are smart to compare and contrast before purchasing and will not think twice before posting colorful reviews of your business all over cyberspace for peers to see if the service is bad or any slower than fast. As these time-sensitive generations reach their peak earning years, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to adjust their service to meet demanding expectations if they expect to keep clients satisfied and coming back for a repeat experience.

Currently, this is a huge concern for business managers across industries but with the help of technology, better service does not have to mean more expenses. In fact, today’s info-graphic focuses on the hospitality industry and how our top of the line business communication tool Team on the Run can help hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and so many other teams in the industry to provide the instant and flawless service that the next generation expects – and cut cost in doing so!

Team on the Run is a flexible all-in-one communication tool that adapts to your way of doing business. These are just some concrete examples of how it will save your business money while providing your team with the tools to offer guests flawless service are:

  • Fool proof instant communication –> Mobile corporate directory + Admin Portal + Department Broadcast lists + Webchat – Mobile Sync all running on hotel wifi and personnel’s devices via Team on the Run app
  • Automated room status updates –> Maids swipe smartphone over tiny sticker NFC reader on room door on their way out to automatically change the status of a room from occupied to clean and ready to re-assign in the central database.
  • Virtual walkie-talkies and push-to-talk options –> unlimited channels, no static, global range, works on hotel WiFi


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The Team on the Run Team

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