Team on the Run Innovative and Affordable Fleet Management Solutions


Powerful and innovative yet simple and affordable fleet management solutions. Weather you are in charge of managing a private or public fleet, big or small, this scalable cloud-based technology is for you.

Team on the Run features:

Geolocation On-Demand

Choose from a list of employees and view their exact location on a map via the Team on the Run Web Administration Portal.


Localize users in real time. Set tracking frequency period after which employee’s locations are refreshed on the map.

dispatch manager

Turn any Smartphone into the Ultimate New Generation Cloud Walkie-Talkie

Enhanced Push-to-Talk for Drivers, Dispatch Managers and other Field and Remote Personnel

  • Global Range, No Static
  • Create Unlimited Secure Channels / Group Conversations
  • Centralized Administration / Management
  • Desktop Push-to-Talk Client
  • Compatible with Rugged Phones

wt fleet

Additional Options:

  • Mobile Team Directory
  • Secure IP messaging to exchange photos, pictures, voice, locations, etc.
  • Groups and hierarchies: customized access and security levels configured by System Administrator
  • VoIP Calls
  • API Integration
  • Instant Status Updates / Reporting

Learn more at and if you enjoyed this post, browse our other blog posts to read about Team on the Run’s many other powerful business-oriented communication features and follow us on social media!

If you would like to know more about provisioning your team with Team on the Run, check out and sign-up in just a couple of minutes via the “Subscribe” section, or contact our team directly at


The Team on the Run Team

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