StreamWIDE and ZWEEC Announces the successful roll out of StreamWIDE’s secure communications solution Team on the Run in Singapore.

pr zweec

Singapore,  6th October 2015 – StreamWIDE is pleased to announce the successful roll out and implementation of the secure communications  tool Team on the Run by ZWEEC, the Singapore leading company in Water safety.

Team on the Run is a secure, trusted, social media communication solution for government and enterprises encompassing features such as geolocation capability, Push to Talk, VoIP and multimedia messaging which helps businesses simplify communication and boost productivity greatly.

ZWEEC is a leading Singapore-based technology company focused on computer vision solutions, by providing a smart early-warning solution for detecting contaminants in water.

The company realizes that security of sensitive messages and information transferred on consumer messaging tools will be compromised, the risk of misleading information leak, may lead public panic, misrepresentation of health and safety issues.  Team on the Run is used for internal communication with instant message, multimedia features and voice features, such as VoIP and Push to Talk, Geo-location control from the desk top overseeing the team on sites.

“Team on the Run has enabled us to communicate efficiently in a secured way, locate our maintenance team at one glance, greatly saving time to identify back up teams location,  at the same time able to call and use multimedia features all in one application” said Liaw Kok Eng, CEO, ZWEEC

“Keeping your team connected with Team on the Run reduces downtime and inefficient resource expenditure. Team on the Run allows managers to easily keep track of the team’s daily activity while providing secure and convenient communication”, commented Team on the Run CEO, Pascal Beglin,

Team on the Run – The secure social media apps on Android and IOS mobile devices developed for government agencies, security organizations and business enterprises for the challenges of the modern mobile community.   It is a Product of StreamWIDE.

Learn more at and

Press contact: Lindy Wong, StreamWIDE Regional Manager, APAC,

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