Team on the Run Geolocation



The Geolocation Tab allows you to track and monitor Contacts or Dispatch Groups from your WebChat interface. Note that “Groups” (i.e.- designated grouping of contacts) are referred to as “Dispatch Groups” for the purposes of Geolocation. From this tab you can create or delete Dispatch Groups, or view a Dispatch Group by selecting it.

Viewing Contact Geolocation Information



Center Menu Icons:

Message – Option to send an instant message to this contact directly

Call – Call this contact via direct VoIP call, or via Walkie-Talkie (PTT) call

Reports – Access reporting menu for tracking report, or daily/weekly location history reports

Selecting a Contact from the left-hand list will display details of that Contact’s location, superimposed on a map of that area. This information includes address, speed (if applicable), availability, status (dictated by device signal settings), and most recent position update.

Selecting a Dispatch Group from the left-hand setting will show all members of that group, using their most recent, last-known positions. You can also select a Contact directly from there to display the information described above for individual Contacts.

The Location History option allows you to view the movements of a Contact over a period of time that you specify. This data can also be exported to a spreadsheet. The accuracy of location is measured by the strength of cell signals and/or WiFi signals being received by the Contact’s device or smartphone.


Using Geolocation to view a Dispatch Group

Contacts grouped closely together may be marked by the number of nearby Contacts. Zoom in to get a more detailed view of an area.



Viewing the Location History of a Contact

Location waypoints or checkpoints are displayed in order, using the timeline designated.



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