Troubleshooting and Best Practices

Getting the Most out of Team on the Run
• Encourage your team members to download the app and start using Team on the Run immediately! This will help you get comfortable with the solution – and get any questions about the service out of the way quickly.
• If using WebChat: save the URL to your “Favorites” for convenient reference.
• If using WebChat on your private work computer: consider using the browser option to save your login information, and pinning TOTR to your browser.
• Make sure to log out of Team on the Run WebChat when using a public or shared terminal!
• Note that Team in the Run cannot access your personal phone data – and vice versa. Consider asking any external partners to sign up their own company for Team on the Run.
• WebChat can be accessed from the TOTR homepage, or directly via

If you have any issues with Team on the Run, contact your company admin, or check out the “Help” section via WebChat or the App. You can also reach our support team at

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