Monthly Archives: April 2017

Digital Transformation: Corporate Directory

As mentioned last week, we are going to highlight a Team on the Run feature and it’s use in the digital workplace. Corporate Directory Team on the Run provides businesses with their own corporate directory within the app and online. The corporate directory allows you to provide information on each employee including number, name, email, […]
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Digital Transformation Made Concrete: Part 3

Digital Transformation Made Concrete: Part 2 examined the “how” portion of the digital transformation by outlining how it can protect your business. This piece will speak to the why. When we look at the overall meaning of digital transformation we look at what exactly it does. Digital transformation is the process of shifting your organization […]
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It’s 9:00 AM, Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?

A Common-Sense Approach to Monitoring The What: Some things in life need not be explained.  Geo-tracking your company vehicles and monitoring employees’ activities while on the clock is quickly becoming a mainstream practice. The Catch: There are obstacles an employer needs to overcome before policy adoption rate is 100%. Like all things, knowledge is power […]
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