GetApp ranks Team on the Run as a top 25 App for Messaging & Chat

Team on the Run comes in at number 13 on GetApps rankings of the top 25 apps for messaging and chat.

GetApp’s quarterly ranking showcases the top 25 Instant Messaging & Chat apps based in the cloud. Each app is scored using five factors, worth 20 points each, for a total possible score out of 100. These factors include user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence, and security. Each app’s score is independent of commercial interests and existing relationships that GetApp has with app vendors.

“Team on the Run makes its debut in GetApp’s new Category Leader ranking for Instant Messaging & Chat. Coming in strong at #13 with an overall total score of 34, Team on the Run showcases its strength when it comes to its security protocols and mobile apps, scoring a solid 13 points for each. An additional 4 points for reviews solidifies Team on the Run as one of the leading Instant Messaging & Chat solutions in the cloud,” says GetApp researcher Suzie Blaszkiewicz.

Team on the Run is the anchor of your company’s digital transformation, providing integrated, team-based communications with the ability to process, index and act upon information in real time with our My Business solution. Team on the Run is meant to take the weight off your business by unifying all communication tools and allowing processes to flow through one platform instead of being handed off from one platform to another.

With our state-of-the-art encryption capabilities, we provide secure channels to host one-to-one VoIP (Voice over IP network) calls, one-to-one and group PTT calls, and IP PTT and radio PTT connection.  Utilizing Team on the Run allows flexible process management, from anywhere and across all devices.


Business Messaging the new Email?

In this fast paced, always on, and always accessible business world we are seeing a trend of companies utilizing business messaging more frequent than email. Messaging has now become the latest way for us to communicate with co-workers.

Messaging is something that has been around for years but is now catching on for business purposes within this 24/7 line of communication world we live in. Employees may or may not always be accessible by Email but will always have access to their cell phone.

Today, messaging has already surpassed email as the most popular digital communication channel. By 2018, 3.6 billion people are set to be using some form of messaging; that’s 90% of all internet users.” – Chole Green (Information Age)

 One of the reasons messaging is excelling in business is the more personal feel that a message gives off as opposed to an email. Messaging at the end of the day is more of a “social application” than an email.

Messaging is something you can do while on the go and it can be responded to quickly without having to worry about sending a “best regards” or “cheers” at the end of your email. You also never have to worry about whether or not you just need to “reply” to an email or “reply all.”

TOTR Group Messaging_walkie-talkie
Team on the Run: Business Messaging Platform

With Team on the Run we make business messaging fast, easy, effective, and secure. Team on the Run is the all in one tool for companies looking to take the next step in business communications.

Team on the Run is an all in one business communication tool to help aide you and your business in using a business messaging platform. Team on the Run is designed for businesses in a way other types of communication are not. We provide industrial end-to-end security, ensuring your corporate privacy while making it accessible to use while on the go on your mobile or sitting at the office using our web platform.

When you look into utilizing a business messaging platform look for one that guarantees safe and verifiable reception of all your messages: text, corporate documents, maps, contacts, photos, videos, music, and more.

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StreamWIDE and ZWEEC Announces the successful roll out of StreamWIDE’s secure communications solution Team on the Run in Singapore.

pr zweec

Singapore,  6th October 2015 – StreamWIDE is pleased to announce the successful roll out and implementation of the secure communications  tool Team on the Run by ZWEEC, the Singapore leading company in Water safety.

Team on the Run is a secure, trusted, social media communication solution for government and enterprises encompassing features such as geolocation capability, Push to Talk, VoIP and multimedia messaging which helps businesses simplify communication and boost productivity greatly.

ZWEEC is a leading Singapore-based technology company focused on computer vision solutions, by providing a smart early-warning solution for detecting contaminants in water.

The company realizes that security of sensitive messages and information transferred on consumer messaging tools will be compromised, the risk of misleading information leak, may lead public panic, misrepresentation of health and safety issues.  Team on the Run is used for internal communication with instant message, multimedia features and voice features, such as VoIP and Push to Talk, Geo-location control from the desk top overseeing the team on sites.

“Team on the Run has enabled us to communicate efficiently in a secured way, locate our maintenance team at one glance, greatly saving time to identify back up teams location,  at the same time able to call and use multimedia features all in one application” said Liaw Kok Eng, CEO, ZWEEC

“Keeping your team connected with Team on the Run reduces downtime and inefficient resource expenditure. Team on the Run allows managers to easily keep track of the team’s daily activity while providing secure and convenient communication”, commented Team on the Run CEO, Pascal Beglin,

Team on the Run – The secure social media apps on Android and IOS mobile devices developed for government agencies, security organizations and business enterprises for the challenges of the modern mobile community.   It is a Product of StreamWIDE.

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Press contact: Lindy Wong, StreamWIDE Regional Manager, APAC,

Team on the Run Innovative and Affordable Fleet Management Solutions


Powerful and innovative yet simple and affordable fleet management solutions. Weather you are in charge of managing a private or public fleet, big or small, this scalable cloud-based technology is for you.

Team on the Run features:

Geolocation On-Demand

Choose from a list of employees and view their exact location on a map via the Team on the Run Web Administration Portal.


Localize users in real time. Set tracking frequency period after which employee’s locations are refreshed on the map.

dispatch manager

Turn any Smartphone into the Ultimate New Generation Cloud Walkie-Talkie

Enhanced Push-to-Talk for Drivers, Dispatch Managers and other Field and Remote Personnel

  • Global Range, No Static
  • Create Unlimited Secure Channels / Group Conversations
  • Centralized Administration / Management
  • Desktop Push-to-Talk Client
  • Compatible with Rugged Phones

wt fleet

Additional Options:

  • Mobile Team Directory
  • Secure IP messaging to exchange photos, pictures, voice, locations, etc.
  • Groups and hierarchies: customized access and security levels configured by System Administrator
  • VoIP Calls
  • API Integration
  • Instant Status Updates / Reporting

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Infographic: 2015 Hospitality Industry Challenges and how to solve them with Team on the Run technology

Millennials have the world’s information at their fingertips instantly, they are smart to compare and contrast before purchasing and will not think twice before posting colorful reviews of your business all over cyberspace for peers to see if the service is bad or any slower than fast. As these time-sensitive generations reach their peak earning years, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to adjust their service to meet demanding expectations if they expect to keep clients satisfied and coming back for a repeat experience.

Currently, this is a huge concern for business managers across industries but with the help of technology, better service does not have to mean more expenses. In fact, today’s info-graphic focuses on the hospitality industry and how our top of the line business communication tool Team on the Run can help hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and so many other teams in the industry to provide the instant and flawless service that the next generation expects – and cut cost in doing so!

Team on the Run is a flexible all-in-one communication tool that adapts to your way of doing business. These are just some concrete examples of how it will save your business money while providing your team with the tools to offer guests flawless service are:

  • Fool proof instant communication –> Mobile corporate directory + Admin Portal + Department Broadcast lists + Webchat – Mobile Sync all running on hotel wifi and personnel’s devices via Team on the Run app
  • Automated room status updates –> Maids swipe smartphone over tiny sticker NFC reader on room door on their way out to automatically change the status of a room from occupied to clean and ready to re-assign in the central database.
  • Virtual walkie-talkies and push-to-talk options –> unlimited channels, no static, global range, works on hotel WiFi


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Q&A with Team on the Run: the all-in-one business mobility and communication tool

Q: What are the unique features of your product that set it apart from other services of this kind and how can your customers benefit from these features?

A: Team on the Run is a very unique new breed of mobile communication services. It is the best of both worlds: as convenient and easy to use as popular messaging apps and as secure and efficient as enterprise-specific tools. Convenience and security priced under the market average so it’s a win – win –win.

basic features

Differentiating Features Include:

  • Mobile Corporate Directory: Team on the Run pushes all of your organization’s contacts to your Smartphone and stores updated contact info – e-mail, phone number, department title, etc. – without mixing with your personal contact list on your phone. Please get rid of the e-mail circulated excel contact sheet – its time…
  • Smartphone/Tablet – Web Browser real-Time Sync: Companies today have all shapes sizes, locations and hours. Not everyone works 9 to 5 in an office building so you should be able to conveniently reach and work with your team wherever you are and wherever they are. Team on the Run works on all Android and iPhone smartphones, iPads and any web browser. If you spend 50% of your time commuting, visiting remote work sites, travelling and it’s easier to chat about projects with your team on your smartphone, all of your exchanges will be synced in real time and waiting for you to pick up on your desktop in your home office as soon as you get home. Easy peasy.
  • VoIP Calls and Virtual Walkie-Talkie: Team on the Run has the best audio quality of voice over the internet on the market and we are proud about it. Popular mass-market low-cost VoIP call apps have nothing on our crystal-clear, secure, uninterrupted calls. Get rid of your clunky IP phones in the office and start doing your international conference calls with your teams via Team on the Run virtual walkie-talkie: Unlimited channels/ frequencies and connect to Wi-Fi to call internationally for free.
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) Check-in: Available for all Android Smartphones with NFC Readers, this cutting-edge technology is automating the hotel room reassignment process and many other check-in scenarios in the business environment. A dime-sized inexpensive sticker NFC reader placed in hotel rooms, office buildings, remote construction sites with prompt a message to be sent to a team manager with location, date and time stamps when in close proximity to the device. This could mean: I arrived and started my work on time at the construction site or this hotel room is now clean and ready to be re-assigned for example.
  • Geolocation on-demand/Tracking (Available Sept 2015): With extremely powerful and even life-saving use-cases in public and private security and emergency situation management, Team on the Run has a geolocation option that when enabled by the user allows a team leader to locate team members on the map in real time and even list them in order of physical proximity to a specific address in order to deploy police teams, taxis, ambulances, etc. immediately and more efficiently.


Q: Describe 3 scenarios of specific problems companies often face and explain how your product can help them deal with these problems. Point to specific features of your product used in these scenarios.

A: Team on the Run is the all-in-one mobile business communication tool. It has a number of advanced cutting edge features, each with use cases of their own that solve different issues in different industries. On this occasion, in the benefit of brevity, I am forced to narrow down the examples to only 3. Please reach out to my team for more use-cases specific to your industry or to talk about your company in particular by e-mailing us at if what you read sparks some interest – as it should!

1)     Outdated, inefficient manual employee check-in/status update

  • Industries affected: Hotels, Office Buildings and Companies with remote employees (construction, transportation, cleaning/repair services, etc.)
  • Team on the Run Features used to solve the issue: NFC Tag
  • Hotel example: In this day and age you shouldn’t waste resources in manual status updates. With Team on the Run’s NFC technology plus a dime-sized inexpensive sticker NFC reader placed in hotel rooms, maids can swipe their phones on their way out of a room to automatically prompt a message to the hotel central management software changing the status of the room from occupied to vacant at the front desk.

NFC tag banner

2)     HIPAA Laws Restrict the way healthcare professionals can exchange privileged client information.

  • Industries affected: Hospitals, Private MD Practices, Pharmacies, Dentists, etc.
  • Team on the Run Features used to solve the issue: HIPAA Compliancy. Military-grade encryption of all communication through the app. Secure closed-circuit environment, all from your personal smartphone available anytime, on the go or on a web browser.
  • Pharmacy Example: Big pharmacy chains such as Walgreens and CVS sometimes get questions from patients that need to be answered by the pharmacist. If this person is not on site at a particular time, the clerk is not allowed to text, call, or e-mail questions about the patients because of HIPAA regulations. This causes long waits, a decrease in sales for the pharmacy and lawsuits/big fines if unsecure communication occurs. Team on the Run provides a HIPPA-ready solution so that healthcare professionals can reach each other instantly, securely and in compliance with the law by call, instant message with file exchange option and even virtual walkie-talkie. All of this available via smartphone app, to take on the go, or via web browser.

hipaa banner

3)     Pressing need for Digital Transformation, Business Mobility, The Mobile Enterprise

  • Industries affected: All industries need to adjust to new working environment, remote working, freelancers, consultants, mobile communications, etc.
  • Team on the Run Features used to solve the issue: Smartphone/Tablet real time sync with web browser; easy-to-use, business-specific, secure communication service.
  • Use-case details: There is a clear shift in the way companies function. Technology allows employees to work from anywhere so we are seeing all forms of business teams and business organizations with global teams, home offices, working on smartphones, etc. Team on the Run is the all-in- one business communication solution that will allow you to make this shift easily, cost-effectively and securely to adapt to your team’s current needs. Team on the Run syncs between mobile and fixed devices, accommodating all types of work situations, keeps communications secure, organized and business appropriate.


Q: What other software or services does your product integrate with?

A: We are adding new integrations that we are excited to unveil very soon, but for the movement Team on the Run offers integration with:

  • Cloud Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Alfresco ECM
  • Your e-mail provider: GMail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Team on the Run can integrate with almost any software to automate processes in companies for example hotel management software to update status of rooms, etc.

Please e-mail our team to ask about specific integrations at

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The Team on the Run Team

PRESS RELEASE – Team on the Run launches NFC Tag technology allowing easy automation of processes for everyone from their smartphone device

PARIS, FR – Team on the Run (TOTR), the most advanced mobile communication solution for business on the market, announced today an NFC Tag feature that will revolutionize the checking-in process in businesses across sectors.

With powerful resource-saving use-cases in big office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc. the cutting-edge Team on the Run Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology – which works on all Android Smartphone devices with NFC readers and can be found by subscribing for the service at or messaging a sales agent at – is a triple threat: quick, simple and efficient.

NFC tag banner

When in short range of a small and inexpensive NFC reader – that can be discretely placed anywhere – the smartphone is prompted to send a signal to the main database with a location and time stamp in order to alert of the arrival of a worker to a specific location such as an office building or construction site; or the end of an activity, such as the clean-up of a hotel room so that the front desk knows it can be reassigned to a new guest immediately.

The Team on the Run NFC Tag technology is already a huge hit among large hotel chains that have chosen to replace their outdated room turn-around methods; typically maids calling from rooms post clean-up or room-by-room on-foot supervision and manual update of changes in central database. With this modern technology, a sticker NFC reader roughly the size of a dime is placed on the door to every hotel room and on the way out, the maid waives the smartphone device over the reader, prompting a signal to be sent to the hotel’s automated central management system, immediately updating this particular room’s status from occupied to vacant. This process is saving hotels a lot of time and allowing daily operations to run a lot smoother, especially since Team on the Run includes a full-range of additional business-minded communication features as well, such as message broadcasting by group or department, virtual walkie-talkie, secure file exchange and much more.

Team on the Run is the next generation all-in-one mobile business communication tool. Developed and backed by established VAS provider StreamWIDE, this effective collaboration software brings businesses into the mobile-age easily and efficiently, managers and employees across-industries resources and raising the organization’s bottom line. Learn more at or

Press contact: Andrea Gould, TOTR Communications Manager,

PRESS RELEASE – Team on the Run Adds WebChat

Get the best real-time multi-device synchronization technology on the market, a leap forward for business team efficiency in any industry.

TOTR WebChat

PARIS, FR – Team on the Run (TOTR), the most advanced mobile communication solution for business on the market, today announced the addition of a WebChat service. This market leading technology allows you to continue conversations instantly and effortlessly as you move from device to device. Start a conversation on your home tablet – pick it up on your smartphone as you commute – continue from your PC at work – and back to the smartphone in meetings – all automatically and seamlessly. Just another way that TOTR greatly improves the efficiency of business teams across industries.

A business owner testing the new feature with his field sales team explains:

“Team on the Run allows my team to switch back and forth between desktop and smartphone without interrupting the workday for client meetings and long commutes. This makes all of us happier, because our work gets done in a fraction of the time while simultaneously decreasing response times to clients, making them happier as well.”


The Team on the Run service, available at, is a unique communication solution built specifically for today’s business environment. TOTR provides a SaaS solution for companies unwilling to compromise between the speed and ease-of-use of popular mass-market messaging applications, and business requirements such as end-to-end security, corporate data and access control, and advanced features, including: Central Administration Portal, Cloud Storage Access, Mobile Corporate Directory, Document Exchange, and now “follow me to my device” via WebChat.

TOTR WebChat allows users to swiftly switch from mobile to desktop at their convenience, without waiting, and keeping their conversation history. Team on the Run users can easily access their WebChat service from any web browser by logging in with their phone number and password – no need to download or install any new software.

“Business owners and managers in diverse business sectors immediately recognize the value of our flexible time-saving tool that efficiently and securely mobilizes business processes”, commented Team on the Run CEO Pascal Beglin, following the successful presentation of the new WebChat service at Mobile World Congress 2015.

See TOTR Communications Director Andrea Gould talk through features and use cases in the following video-interview with telecoms media:

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