Release Notes: Latest Team on the Run Updates

Release Notes Highlights: End of 2016

These are the most notable updates found within the Team on the Run app over the last month. Moving forward, as each update goes live on iOS and Android you will be able to find the release notes on the blog and across our social platforms. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to be notified when a post goes live.

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Default action on contact press

Description: The new Default action setting in Settings/Options allows the user to decide what action will be performed when he presses a contact on the Contacts screen.

3 modes are available:


  • Send message: open or start a conversation with the contact or group (existing behavior and default selected action)
  • Call: trigger a call to the contact or start a Push-To-Talk session if a group was selected
  • Push-To-Talk: start a Push-To-Talk session with the contact or group

Push-To-Talk Floor control sounds

Description: When the Push-To-Talk floor control sounds option is enabled in Settings/Voice Settings/Push-To-Talk Options, floor control sounds will now be noticeable not only to user when pressing or releasing the floor but also when other participants presses / release the floor.


Push-To-Talk auto-join session sound

Description: When both the Push-To-Talk floor control sounds and Push-To-Talk Auto response options are enabled in Settings/Voice Settings/Push-To-Talk Options, a sound will now be played to notify user that he has automatically joined a PTT session. The join session audio notification sound is only played to the added participant.

*All updates are available on both iOS and Android devices


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