Value through Story: Introduction

Here at Team on the Run we understand the value of a good story to help a brand grow. A good story helps a brand grow by showing people the realistic side of why a brand can be right for a business.

A few months back we started a series called Content on the Run, which was a way for us to introduce and highlight some of the many features we offer within Team on the Run.

Now, we want to share some of the stories on how Team on the Run is improving businesses, with you. Team on the run offers users and businesses alike with a multitude of features. On the blog in the past we’ve told you about these features, now it is about showing you.

Starting October 21, 2016 our first post will go live. Be sure to tune into the blog each Friday as we share some stories on how Team on the Run is improving workplaces around the world.

As always, to simplify your business and learn more about our web to mobile feature, visit us here: Team on the Run

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Features on the Run

Over the past few months here at Team on the Run we have been working on providing engaging content stretched across multiple and new platforms. One of these “new” platforms is YouTube.

Starting this week we will be launching our first set of feature videos onto the channel: YouTube

These feature videos will showoff different features that are offered within the Team on the Run app and Webchat. Especially after trying out Team on the Run, the YouTube “features” playlist will be a good place to go check out and take a deeper dive into what Team on the Run can offer your business.

This week the two videos of interest that will be discussed is:

Push-To-Talk feature on Android and Webchat.

Later in the week I will include the links to the videos in a blog post, till then enjoy the user guides as some added reading on the feature:

As always, to simplify your business and learn more about our web to mobile feature, visit us here: Team on the Run


Using Team on the Run WebChat

Team on the Run WebChat offers all the convenience of the mobile app platform on a web browser interface for users who prefer to work from laptop or desktop. Team on the Run has the best real time sync across devices on the market, making it easy to switch from mobile to computer and back again.

WebChat is available on most web browsers on PC, Mac, or Tablet (with the exception of the iPad Safari tablet browser.)


WebChat offers a way to access Team on the Run messaging without requiring a company mobile. The solution will automatically sync between WebChat and a TOTR mobile app.

WebChat also conveniently disables mobile app notifications (not call notifications) automatically while logged in. This prevents the user from receiving multiple notifications for the same message or event.

Note: At your trusted work computer in home or office, consider saving login credentials and pinning WebChat to your browser (right click>pin tab). This way TOTR WebChat will be open and ready to use every time you open a browser window and save you time. Please do not use the web browser “Save Password” feature on unsecured computers.



Create a Conversation on WebChat
You can create a new conversation directly from the Recent Chats tab by pressing the talk bubble icon (blue icon with the plus sign.) Alternatively, you can select conversation recipients from the Contacts Tab.



Once you have selected your recipient(s), you will be offered a chance to name the conversation with a subject line. Think of this in the same way as the subject line for an email – a way to help people organize their business communications.

Create a Broadcast Message
Also in the recent chats tab, swipe the talk bubble as if to create a group conversation.

Next, swipe the blue multi-user icon next to the label “ Create Group Conversation” to enable Broadcast Messaging.

In Broadcast Mode the messaged recipients will not be able to reply in the same thread. This is useful when you send a notification to a large group of people and you want to avoid spamming all recipients with people’s replies.

Team on the Run WebChat Interface

There are seven main tabs in the WebChat portal to be aware of:

The Contacts Tab
A list of all your available Contacts and Groups in Team on the Run (See page 13 for an explanation of “Groups”)
You can filter these by Group versus individual Contacts, by alphabetical order, or by search
Use the “Select” button at the top to add multiple recipients (you can mix Groups and individuals!) to a new Group Conversation

The Conversations Tab
See a listing of all current conversations that you are involved in
Create new conversations with the “Talk Bubble”
The “Edit” option allows you to select and delete old conversations



See next post for further details

Messages and alerts from Team on the Run

A list of your credentials and Company ID
Option to change your password for WebChat
Choose a language for display, and notification sound

This option takes you to our Helpdesk

Securely exit the solution

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