GetApp ranks Team on the Run as a top 25 App for Messaging & Chat

Team on the Run comes in at number 13 on GetApps rankings of the top 25 apps for messaging and chat.

GetApp’s quarterly ranking showcases the top 25 Instant Messaging & Chat apps based in the cloud. Each app is scored using five factors, worth 20 points each, for a total possible score out of 100. These factors include user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence, and security. Each app’s score is independent of commercial interests and existing relationships that GetApp has with app vendors.

“Team on the Run makes its debut in GetApp’s new Category Leader ranking for Instant Messaging & Chat. Coming in strong at #13 with an overall total score of 34, Team on the Run showcases its strength when it comes to its security protocols and mobile apps, scoring a solid 13 points for each. An additional 4 points for reviews solidifies Team on the Run as one of the leading Instant Messaging & Chat solutions in the cloud,” says GetApp researcher Suzie Blaszkiewicz.

Team on the Run is the anchor of your company’s digital transformation, providing integrated, team-based communications with the ability to process, index and act upon information in real time with our My Business solution. Team on the Run is meant to take the weight off your business by unifying all communication tools and allowing processes to flow through one platform instead of being handed off from one platform to another.

With our state-of-the-art encryption capabilities, we provide secure channels to host one-to-one VoIP (Voice over IP network) calls, one-to-one and group PTT calls, and IP PTT and radio PTT connection.  Utilizing Team on the Run allows flexible process management, from anywhere and across all devices.


Team on the Run App Update 2.3 is live

A new update is now live for Team on the Run on the Google play store and iOS store. The update v. 2.3, will allow more customization and functionality to the app. Below are the features you can find in the update

Make sure your app is updated: Settings > Information & Help




  • Battery Usage and Network used

Description: When sending location mobile client now is sending extra informations to be displayed for dispatch manager in webchat. Information’s are battery usage, network type (wifi,cellular..) and signal strength.


  •  Ringtone selection for VOIP/PTT call

Description: Allows user to select a specific ringtones for incoming calls and push to talk.

  •  Emergency Push-to-Talk Call

Description: Allow users to create an emergency Walkie-Talkie group call with a predefined list of groups,




  • Forward a completed process [My Business]

Description: Users will have the possibility to forward a completed process by email or by TOTR.

If you have any questions you can reach us at

Learn more about how Team on the Run’s corporate directory can improve your teams communication: Team on the Run

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Team on the Run at Mobile World Congress!

Team on the Run will be attending the Mobile World Congress from February 27- March 2, 2017, held in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2 days you will learn more about what Team on the Run has to offer in 2017 and beyond. We have talked a lot over the last few months about the digital transformation and Team on the Run’s place in it and on Monday we will show and tell you more.

Be sure to follow the blog and follow along on Twitter (Link below) to stay up to date on all things Team on the Run while we are attending MWC. If you or your company is also attending MWC and would like to meet up, let us know!

Team on the Run can be found in Hall 5 Booth #5C65. We look forward to meeting you.

As always, to simplify your business and learn more about our web to mobile feature, visit us here: Team on the Run

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What is Business Process Management?

The term “BPM” or “Business Process Management” is thrown around a lot nowadays, and rightfully so, but what does it mean? What can BPM do for YOUR business?

Business Process Management, or BPM, is a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organizational goal.

To break it down further:

Business: a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce,manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern.

Process: a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner:

Management: the person or persons controlling and directing the affairs of a business, institution

Therefore the main purpose, and point of BPM is to simplify ones business. By enabling a software that helps with the automation of ones business you are choosing to curate and create simplistic ways of navigating your business.

With a BPM solution you can take HR documents, vacation request forms, time sheets, design docs, ect. Store them all in one solution, send them out, fill them out, approve or deny straight from one piece of software. The list is truly endless and made to fit your organizations needs. Gone are the days of filing away endless paper work, wondering where you saved a certain document, or sending out project requests, then having to print said request, then copying it back on a computer for storage.

With a BPM solution you can have the ease of mind in knowing, not only that your documents are safe, but all in one place and easily accessible. BPM is aimed at improving workflow and communication within a company.

Managing tasks and projects has never been easier within a BPM solution. Next week we will dive into how Team on the Run aims to be your all in one BPM solution.

As always, to simplify your business and learn more about our web to mobile feature, visit us here: Team on the Run

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Team on the Run Brings New Enterprise Solution to U.S. Cellular Customers

LYNDHURST, N.J., Feb. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Team on the Run has collaborated with U.S. Cellular to help enrich the carrier’s solution portfolio available to their growing enterprise customer base and to continue capitalizing on their expanding network of 4GLTE capabilities.  The addition of this new technology to their solution offering will allow U.S. Cellular customers to manage their businesses from mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices.

Team on the Run is a business process communications tool that enhances the operations for businesses across industry verticals — operational task-flow and communication is simplified, the efficiency of today’s mobile workforce is maximized.  Team on the Run was chosen for its ease of deployment, multi-industry applications and for its secure and robust features; such as VOIP, Push-To-talk, Business Forms and GPS/Dispatch.

Pascal Beglin, CEO for Team on the Run, said:

“To be selected by USCC is a privilege – we are honored to work with a carrier that understands the value proposition they must offer their customer – to go beyond simply offering voice and data.  We know our solution can make a huge difference in the competitiveness and data security of our End Users.”

Scott Scheuber, Director of Product Management for U.S. Cellular, said:

“We look forward to our business and government customers using our new Team on the Run solution and experiencing how it can simplify and enhance their operations.”

About Team on the Run:

Team on the Run is a NJ-based subsidiary of StreamWIDE, a telecommunications company delivering SIP based software and services to over 70 Telco operators and 200 + million end users world-wide for over 15 years.  Team on the Run is creating a lot of buzz in the mobile space for SMB, Enterprise, Non-Profit, and Government organizations.  The concept of Team on the Run, is to ensure affordable secure messaging, team connectivity, and simplify mobile business workflow highlighting push-to-talk, asset location services and critical alert systems.;;;,

About U.S. Cellular:

U.S. Cellular is the fifth-largest full-service wireless carrier in the United States, providing national network coverage and industry-leading innovations designed to elevate the customer experience. The Chicago-based carrier offers coverage where the other carriers don’t and a wide range of communication services that enhance consumers’ lives, increase the competitiveness of local businesses and improve the efficiency of government operations. U.S. Cellular has the Highest Wireless Network Quality Performance in the North Central Region, according to the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Study, and 99 percent of customers have access to 4G LTE speeds. To learn more about U.S. Cellular, visit one of its retail stores or

Team on the Run
Matt Miller
Communications Director,

U.S. Cellular
Katie Frey
U.S. Cellular Media Relations,

Newswire Link



Team on the Run Partners with Klein Electronics

Team on the Run is now partnered with Klein Electronics, one of the web’s biggest in Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC) phone accessories.

On Klein’s website you now have the option to find Push-to-Talk accessories that are fully compatible with Team on the Run.

The full list can be found in the link below

To learn more about Klein Electronics:

To purchase PTT accessories compatabile with Team on the Run go here:

As always, to simplify your business and learn more about our web to mobile feature, visit us here: Team on the Run

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Release Notes: Latest Team on the Run Updates

Release Notes Highlights: End of 2016

These are the most notable updates found within the Team on the Run app over the last month. Moving forward, as each update goes live on iOS and Android you will be able to find the release notes on the blog and across our social platforms. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to be notified when a post goes live.

If you have any additional questions be sure to follow us on Twitter and ask away!

Default action on contact press

Description: The new Default action setting in Settings/Options allows the user to decide what action will be performed when he presses a contact on the Contacts screen.

3 modes are available:


  • Send message: open or start a conversation with the contact or group (existing behavior and default selected action)
  • Call: trigger a call to the contact or start a Push-To-Talk session if a group was selected
  • Push-To-Talk: start a Push-To-Talk session with the contact or group

Push-To-Talk Floor control sounds

Description: When the Push-To-Talk floor control sounds option is enabled in Settings/Voice Settings/Push-To-Talk Options, floor control sounds will now be noticeable not only to user when pressing or releasing the floor but also when other participants presses / release the floor.


Push-To-Talk auto-join session sound

Description: When both the Push-To-Talk floor control sounds and Push-To-Talk Auto response options are enabled in Settings/Voice Settings/Push-To-Talk Options, a sound will now be played to notify user that he has automatically joined a PTT session. The join session audio notification sound is only played to the added participant.

*All updates are available on both iOS and Android devices


As always, to simplify your business and learn more about our web to mobile feature, visit us here: Team on the Run

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Group Messaging: On the Run

Group messaging is the best thing since sliced bread. Long gone are the days of copying and pasting the exact same text message ten separate times to ten different people. Or the confusion of making plans with a large group of people, the difficulty of notifying everyone about any changes and keeping everyone on the same page.

It is one of the things we take for granted, but I don’t think anyone can imagine a world where group messaging did not exist. This is why messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger & Groupme have become so popular in our society – they make group messaging easily accessible with the tap of a few simple buttons.

Team on the Run provides an entire new take on group messages. One of the basic concepts of the app is that it is one huge group chat between you and all the members of your company or business. Conversations can literally take place with every single person in one place at one time, no matter how big or how small of a company it is.

In addition, TOTR includes another feature, in which there can be smaller group chats for the different groups within the company, for example a Marketing Department group chat or a Sales Department group chat, or even a group chat to place a lunch order for all the members in office on a particular day. Not only can you communicate with colleagues around the country, but you can even include members from all over the world. Group collaboration has never been so easy!
And again, unlike Groupme, Facebook and other messaging apps, any information exchanged through Team on the Run is always protected by our state-of-the-art encryption system, and therefore will always remain 100% confidential.

Web chat to mobile: On the Run

Imagine a typical day in the office. You’re currently working on a business deal with a client online when all of a sudden, your babysitter informs you she can no longer pick up your son from school. Or maybe you lost your phone in the clutter of your desk while in the middle of an extremely important conversation with your boss.

No worries – that’s exactly the problem that the web-to-chat feature of Team on the Run targets.

If you have an iPhone and a Macbook, you know exactly how useful this feature can prove to be. With iMessage, every conversation updates instantaneously between iPhone and Macbook, and vice versa, so that your conversation can continue whether you are lounging around in bed on your laptop, or on the go with only your phone. Which is perfect since we live in an era where no one goes anywhere or does anything without their phone in hand.

Similarly, with Team on the Run’s WebChat feature, all conversations, whether they are group chats or individual chats, sync in real time from phone to desktop, and vice versa. However, unlike iMessage, these chats remain secure while being synced – just another guarantee provided by Team on the Run.

In other words, through Team on the Run, it is extremely easy to communicate from mobile devices via our secure app OR on laptops/desktops via our secure web browser log-in. No matter where you are and no matter what device you are using, your data will always be synced and ready to take care of!

Walkie-Talkie: On the Run

Walkie-talkie’s are an age old tool that have been used for nearly half a century to transmit communication from one device to the next. Nowadays we have walkie-talkie mobile apps to help aide but they may fall flat in terms of encryption, ease of use or the ability to be fully cohesive with your business and employees.

With Team on the Run, turn any smartphone into the Ultimate New Generation Cloud Walkie-Talkie. Team on the run offers businesses enhanced Push-to-Talk for Drivers, Dispatch Managers and other Field and Remote Personnel (And more!).

A comparison between TOTR and traditional Walkie-talkie’s

Team on the Run Walkie-Talkie also eliminates the proximity issue allowing you to connect team members wherever they are located around the globe. This makes it a valuable communication solution not only for teams dispersed in the field but for office workers as well, providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive long distance conference calls / IP phones or vulnerable free conferencing software.

The best part is TOTR wasn’t just built out as a walkie-talkie but offers so much more in the form of VoIP calling, secure messaging, and file sharing, just to name a few.

To simplify your business and learn more about our walkie-talkie feature, visit us here: Team on the Run

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