Value through Story: Introduction

Here at Team on the Run we understand the value of a good story to help a brand grow. A good story helps a brand grow by showing people the realistic side of why a brand can be right for a business.

A few months back we started a series called Content on the Run, which was a way for us to introduce and highlight some of the many features we offer within Team on the Run.

Now, we want to share some of the stories on how Team on the Run is improving businesses, with you. Team on the run offers users and businesses alike with a multitude of features. On the blog in the past we’ve told you about these features, now it is about showing you.

Starting October 21, 2016 our first post will go live. Be sure to tune into the blog each Friday as we share some stories on how Team on the Run is improving workplaces around the world.

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Team on the Run Geolocation



The Geolocation Tab allows you to track and monitor Contacts or Dispatch Groups from your WebChat interface. Note that “Groups” (i.e.- designated grouping of contacts) are referred to as “Dispatch Groups” for the purposes of Geolocation. From this tab you can create or delete Dispatch Groups, or view a Dispatch Group by selecting it.

Viewing Contact Geolocation Information



Center Menu Icons:

Message – Option to send an instant message to this contact directly

Call – Call this contact via direct VoIP call, or via Walkie-Talkie (PTT) call

Reports – Access reporting menu for tracking report, or daily/weekly location history reports

Selecting a Contact from the left-hand list will display details of that Contact’s location, superimposed on a map of that area. This information includes address, speed (if applicable), availability, status (dictated by device signal settings), and most recent position update.

Selecting a Dispatch Group from the left-hand setting will show all members of that group, using their most recent, last-known positions. You can also select a Contact directly from there to display the information described above for individual Contacts.

The Location History option allows you to view the movements of a Contact over a period of time that you specify. This data can also be exported to a spreadsheet. The accuracy of location is measured by the strength of cell signals and/or WiFi signals being received by the Contact’s device or smartphone.


Using Geolocation to view a Dispatch Group

Contacts grouped closely together may be marked by the number of nearby Contacts. Zoom in to get a more detailed view of an area.



Viewing the Location History of a Contact

Location waypoints or checkpoints are displayed in order, using the timeline designated.



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